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Law firms who are competing for better rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs) may find that achieving the same rankings across Google, Bing and Yahoo! is difficult at best. This is because the different engines use different algorithms, though Yahoo! search results are actually powered by Bing.


In order to achieve competitive search engine placement, you need to understand a little about the factors Google and Bing use to rank web pages, including that both weigh those factors a little differently. For example, Bing weighs meta descriptions and meta keywords as well as <H1> tags, while Google focuses heavily on content, architecture, authority, and links. Exact match domains also factor more in Bing than Google.


While it is important to rank well in all three search engines, firms should work hardest at satisfying Google, unless analytics show most of their clients are using Bing or Yahoo, while continuing to do old-school optimizing like incorporating meta keywords and descriptions, tags, and titles. Your SEO team can analyze optimization techniques to ensure that your site incorporates factors that all three engines use, while prioritizing optimizing for Google and the user experience.  After all, the objective of search engine optimization is to reach as many potential clients as possible no matter which search engine they use.

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