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Social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube provide effective yet inexpensive ways for law firms to market their services. One of the primary reasons that lawyers market through these channels is to gain higher page rankings for their websites and increase their sites’ visibility to attract potential clients. A higher ranking means that the website will appear higher in the search engine results, thus increasing awareness of the law firm’s practice areas, attorneys, and services. However, what about videos? Can they really help to improve the visibility of your website?

Are YouTube and Google Related?

Google owns YouTube, so videos originating from YouTube often rank highly in the search engines. Google uses a secret, highly-guarded algorithm to determine the ranking of YouTube videos similar to the one that it uses to rank web pages. The system determines the authority of the website or video, so the higher your YouTube video is ranked, the more authority Google gives it, and the higher it will appear in a keyword search.

youtube-seo-optimizationWill My Video Help My Website Rankings?

While outgoing backlinks on YouTube contain no “follow code,” thus rendering the channels useless for building backlinks to directly increase your law firm’s website page rankings, we often still see increases in traffic to our clients’ sites, despite the fact that a popular video channel may not directly affect the firms’ website rankings. This is mainly because the videos, if correctly done, draw potential clients in. Once the clients watch the videos, they may be more likely to search for the law firm’s website directly and directly reach out to its attorneys.

In other words, your YouTube video can indirectly have a positive effect on your website rankings because creating accurate and compelling videos can often result in more comments, clicks, and link-backs. This ultimately increases the ranking of your firm’s website in keyword searches.

How Can I Increase the Popularity of My Videos?

First, no matter how much or how often you promote your YouTube video, if potential clients do not find meaning and value in the video content, it will likely not gain enough popularity to make a difference in your rankings. To increase the popularity of your videos, first perform some keyword research to determine how people are searching for the content in your video. When you have some keywords in-hand, head to YouTube and begin using these keywords.

Analyze the highest ranking videos that are provided in the search results and make note of the keywords the firm uses as well as other content that it might have on its channel page. Return to your own channel and begin to implement the key phrases that are most searched for in order to boost your rankings.

You may also consider embedding videos directly onto your firm’s website by creating a rich-media content page to support the video. The content landing page should include not only the video but also still images and keyword-focused content that supplements or describes it. Landing pages offer a strong user experience, are often engaging, and can provide Google with a lot of context that can help to improve your SERP rank.

It is important to note that effectively using social networking platforms to promote your law firm requires promotional activities and constant updates. It can add up to many hours of work outside of your firm’s normal hours of operation but if done properly, the value added in the form of authority and awareness of your firm is priceless.

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