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While it may seem obvious to talk about how lawyers can benefit from making their blogs useful for clients, in many cases, attorneys tend to blog either on subjects that few care about or towards other lawyers. The former is typically because they struggle to come up with interesting ideas for their blogs. However, there is an easy solution for this obstacle – niche blogging.

In fact, attorneys can also benefit from micro-sites – small websites directed at a narrower niche of your client base. An example of this would be a family law attorney who maintains a second website geared exclusively towards the issue of “fathers’ rights” or a personal injury attorney who manages a website exclusively targeting “Bicycle Accidents.”  So, how can you put this idea into practice, and what will it mean for your law firm?

How to Start Niche Blogging

Examine your firm’s practice areas and think about your potential clients. It’s pretty easy to divide your client base into separate niches and then generate blog content specific to that particular niche. Here are some examples:

  • Bankruptcy lawyers: Rather than writing posts that address a client’s entire financial situation, break it down into debt types. For instance, you could create some content that is geared specifically towards credit card debt and other content that focuses on mortgages.
  • Family law attorneys: Military members would be interested in content directed at them while fathers would likely want to learn more about “fathers’ rights.” Another possible idea would be to focus on custody of children during a divorce.
  • Estate planners: Similar to bankruptcy lawyers, you can focus on specific assets or asset protection issues rather than blogging on broader issues as they pertain to estate planning.
  • Criminal lawyers: You can target people who have been accused of specific crimes such as drunk driving who need representation. Criminal law is a specific, yet wide field, and focusing your blog on defendants’ rights can add value to your firm.
  • Personal Injury lawyers: These blogs can focus on specific injuries and incidents that are caused by negligence. People such as motorcycle or bicycle accident victims or others who have been injured will need information pertaining to their rights and whether or not they are eligible to seek compensation for damages.

These niches are likely to bring about robust blog discussions as your audience can relate directly to the content. Any of the topics above could be transformed into a series, and having several series on your blog that deal with a specific niche can go a long way in terms of establishing yourself as an authority on a given topic. As a result, your practice is likely to grow as your reader base increases.

Before choosing a niche, it is important to understand what constitutes a niche. Your niches should be defined by the problems that a particular class of people face and not a particular class of case. For example, people facing custody issues are not a niche as any number of people could fall into this category, and people filing for bankruptcy under chapter 7 is again not a niche because the audience is simply too broad.

Instead, it is far more effective to classify the niches by groups of people such as mothers, fathers, non-homeowners, and homeowners to make your niche blogging much more effective since you can communicate to people as individuals rather than a group. Above all, however, make sure that your content is unique because the slightest duplicated content is likely to penalize your rankings.

How Lawyers Can Benefit from Niche Blogging

Developing a niche blog can quickly lead to your law firm’s website receiving meaningful backlinks because it establishes you as an authority. When potential clients are searching for an answer to their question or to learn more about their situation, they rarely want to scour blogs and read through content that may or may not matter to them. Instead, by going directly to the blog, your audience will know that your articles hit home with them as each piece is focused in some way on their concerns or questions.

By the same token, people are far more likely to pick up the phone and call a lawyer when they feel that the attorney is speaking directly to them. It’s Marketing 101 that the more you relate to a potential client and connect with him or her, the more likely that that person will reach out to you. When a potential client is reading content that is laser-focused on his or her issues, that person knows that your law firm understands them – and that means everything to those who need your assistance.

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