Why are SEO Services for Attorneys Important?

Just do a Google search for “Lawyers in Your City” and you will no doubt see page after page of your competitors. Does your practice show up among them?seo for personal injury lawyers

If your website does NOT show up on this page, you’re missing out on 94% of the potential traffic generated for this keyword. Just like businesses of all types, lawyers are cashing in on the ability of search engines to provide new clients. When a potential customer is sent to your website via Google, Bing, or Yahoo!, they are ready to hire legal representation now! As you can see, SEO for lawyers is critical to enable you to connect with these potential clients during their moment of need. Having the ability to reach the people that need your legal services at any moment is a major asset. Your website is open for business 24/7 and can generate a consistent flow of new leads, referrals, and exposure.

Our Experience with Legal Professionals

Our business has been molded by many years of one-on-one experience with legal professionals. We are located on New York City and have been producing exceptional SEO results for attorneys from coast to coast.

Even the most well established lawyers complain of clients being lost to lower quality competitors with better search engine exposure. We constantly hear questions like, “Hey, this guy is a quack! Why is he the number 1 search result?” The sad truth is that search engines do not reward lawyers for their true quality, but rather for their popularity on the Internet. The Google search algorithm, for example, uses a complex set of factors that include the amount of inbound links, link quality, and keyword placement on your website, among many others. Last time we checked, Google does not take into account the number of cases you have won to determine your search engine ranking.

A Strategy Tailored to your Legal Practice

There is no “one size fits all” strategy for a legal practice. Every regional market has it’s own opportunities to exploit and challenges to overcome. We create a custom, results driven plan for each one of our clients. We start by researching your local business climate to find the keywords and phrases that will be the most profitable to your business.

Next, we implement a proven strategy that designed to produce a consistent and lasting improvement to search engine rankings. Keep in mind, the strategy will be implemented naturally and will follow all guidelines imposed by major search engines. We focus on building a natural presence for your website on the web by networking with quality websites related to legal topics.  Within a few months, you can expect to see your website on a rapid climb to the top of search results.

Finally, one major distinction of our service compared to countless others, is we don’t get paid until your site ranks within the first page of search engine results. Quite simply, we know our method will work for your practice. Years of consistent results pushing lawyers to the top of search results enables us to offer an arrangement that few SEO firms can match.

Start Landing More Clients Today

Competition for the first page of search results for the keywords you want to to target is only going to become stronger in the foreseeable future. As more law firms start to recognize the power of SEO for attorneys, they will bring even more competition to the industry. Getting a head start on search engine visibility will establish your practice as one of the premier law practices in your city.

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