Don’t overlook a key component to an effective online marketing strategy: creating original legal content on a regular basis. High quality legal content is an excellent way to bolster a law firm’s relevance in search engine results, enhance its reputation, and supply copious updates for social media, newsletters, and other forms of audience engagement.

Informative, Substantive, Original Legal Content

legal-content-writing-for-lawyersAny well ranked legal websites needs to produce high quality, original, legal content. We/Do/Seo prepares content that addresses real issues, accurately discusses the law and compels visitors to actually call your office. We specialize in drafting search engine optimized legal blogs, online articles, press releases, social media posts, and static website content. Regularly publishing fresh content onto your site is important for search engines, it keeps your site relevant to visitors, and each of these postings can include words that search engines will rank as relevant for your target audience’s most frequent searches. The more substantive and legally informative content your site offers, the better it will rank in search engines, so regularly updating the legal content on your site is crucial to organic search engine optimization. (For more information about search engine optimization, visit our FAQ page).

Moreover, all of this fresh legal content can be broadcast across your social networks and get your clients talking. Social buzz is another important factor used by search engines in ranking pages, and the more people are talking about your content the better your site will rank. Thus, a steady flow of fresh legal content shared across your social networks will keep clients engaged, increase your search engine relevance, and help to generate buzz on social media networks.

Focus On the Law, We’ll Focus On The Content

If you cannot afford to invest the hours needed to regularly produce SEO infused legal content, our professional legal writers can help lift the burden. Our writing team can draft news commentary articles, firm/practice news pieces, niche legal discussions, service pages, frequently asked questions, online privacy policies, social media updates, and more. Every piece of legal content we prepare entails the following:

  • All content is written by professional legal copywriters and/or attorneys in compliance with applicable bar rules.
  • All content is delivered around your deadlines and tailored to your specific audience and search keywords.
  • All writing is passed through Copyscape to ensure maximum possible originality score, eliminating any possibility of duplicate content.
  • All articles are drafted with guidance from you or your firm so the topics and philosophy you want to emphasize are reflected in each piece.
  • All content is prepared to be clear, legally accurate, and compel readers to contact your office.

Presenting complicated legal information in an easy to understand manner for the average web visitor is no simple task. Our legal writing services capitalize on our deep knowledge of search engine optimization and afford law firms of all sizes and practice areas more time to practice law, while we write copy targeting those searching for your services.

Easy and Straightforward Relationship

We/Do/Seo’s writers are experienced WordPress and social networking users. That means we can easily and immediately begin publishing fresh legal content to your website or blog as well as your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or other social networking profiles. You and/or your firm retain ownership rights to everything written on your behalf, all articles are written in compliance with applicable bar rules, and, best of all, the service comes at an affordable fixed rate per piece, with available sliding scale discounts on recurring orders. In fact, you can stop or pause writing services at your leisure, decide the length, format, style, and frequency of delivery of new articles, and everything discussed is protected by an explicit confidentiality agreement. You are in complete control of your content!

High Quality Content, A Click or Call Away

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