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Ever since the launch of the iPhone, tablet, and even the watch, the way in which your potential legal clients interact with the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, has changed significantly. It’s a known fact that when most people log onto search engines, they are searching for information. Well, now Google has made some changes that combines how people are now searching in the digital age we live in. Those changes include the changes to Adwords device bidding, text, and display ads.


In laymen’s terms, this means that with over a half a trillion of Google’s searches coming directly from mobile, the search engine giant has decided to change the way advertisers set bids for targeting ads by device type in Adwords. These changes in bidding affects two main things:

  1. It changes the way desktop and tablet bids are placed.
  2. It gives law firms (and anyone who advertises on Google) across the globe the ability to make mobile the focus of their campaign. What this means is that advertisers will be able to separate bids based on device in which consumers and potential clients of your law firm access the campaign by mobile, desktop, and tablet.


This is NOT Simply an Upgrade from Google’s 2013 Enhanced Campaigns

It’s important that we note that these changes are not the 2013 Enhanced Campaigns that Google announced. Enhanced Campaigns didn’t have the tablet/desktop coupling. In essence, this new move gives Google the ability to tap into the mobile search world that now dominates all search engine searches, while also being able to compete with the likes of Facebook. What this means for your law firm is that you’ll now be able to start zeroing in on mobile marketing and have more opportunities for mobile-first initiatives and campaigns catered specifically to those accessing the web via mobile phone or tablet.

Google’s New Format Let’s You Use More Characters


In addition, Google has expanded text ads in Adwords. This new format comes on the heels of Google removing text ads from the right side of the search results due to space restrictions. What this means is Google now streamlines text ad formats across mobile and desktop. Now your legal office will have two 30-character headlines instead of the current 25-character headline and 80-character line of description copy versus the two-35 character lines.

The bottom line is that Google has made these changes due to the changes in the mobile world in which we live in and also how consumers/your potential legal clients consistently interact with the web in general and more specifically, the search engines.

A Company Well Versed in SEO Can Help Make Sense of it All For You

The only problem is that keeping up with these changes and actually utilizing these changes to benefit your legal office can be more than a challenge to say the least. But simply having a company that’s well versed in this area will help eliminate any and all issues you may run across doing it on your own. If this is what you need, please feel free to give us a call at: (888) 317-3688, or send us an email at: [email protected] for a free analysis on how to optimize your current mobile advertising campaigns.

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