Responsive Web Design for Law Firm

WE/DO/SEO is a leader in website design for law firm, and stands apart from other design firms through its emphasis on search engine optimization over simply building a web page. Designing a law firm’s website in a manner that ensures it will be seen by prospective clients is a complicated and ever changing process. Not only does your site need to reach potential clients in tightly targeted demographics, but it needs to engage them and help your firm stand out from the competition. Your site needs to integrate social media and a number of elements that add to the site’s search engine optimization (SEO) so that it will rank highly in search engine results and be easy to find. You also want to be able to track your site’s performance and make sure you are achieving the return on investment (ROI) you deserve. How do you do that?

Search Engine Optimization

There are many websites out there that look great and have lots of functionality and fresh content but still do not rank well on search results. Many practice areas in the field of law are very saturated, meaning your website needs to be at the top of its game to rank above your competitors. WE/DO/SEO specializes in search engine optimization, and ensures that all elements of your website will comply with SEO best practices, including:

  • Improving site load speeds
  • Optimizing heading styles on all pages
  • Implementing “breadcrumbs”
  • Setting up a proper navigation structure
  • Creating XML sitemaps and RSS feeds
  • Adding social sharing buttons
  • Integrating Google authorship

All of that search engine optimization equates to higher results on search engine results. Higher rankings equate to more clicks, more impressions, and most importantly, more business.

We Make it Easy for You to Update Your Own Site

Another important consideration in both SEO and client engagement is presenting a constant flow of fresh content and regular updates on your site. Not only does this improve SEO, it enhances your reputation with potential clients by demonstrating your knowledge of the practice area and awareness of current legal trends. Unfortunately, many web design firms want to create custom content management systems (CMS) that are cumbersome to use, or use antiquated software that requires a degree in programming just to operate. Often that is done to make it difficult for you to update your site on your own or switch design firms.

WE/DO/SEO, on the other hand, uses WordPress as its CMS of choice for building its clients’ sites. Why? WordPress is trusted by over 70 million websites on the Internet; it is extremely reliable and stable (meaning you are not likely to have any downtime); and it is designed to be easy for average users to update on their own. That means you can write your own blog posts and update content on your own, or WE/DO/SEO will be happy to do it for you.

We Make Tracking Your Return on Investment Easy

Logically, when investing in any form of marketing, one wants to track the return on investment to make sure it is worth the money, and to do that, you need actionable data. That is why every site WE/DO/SEO builds includes integration for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools so you can track incoming and outgoing links, search traffic, and conversion goals. WE/DO/SEO can also install phone call tracking (so you can determine which calls originated from a particular website or marketing effort), live chat capabilities (so your site visitors can speak with someone live via text chat while visiting your page), and click-to-call capabilities (so they can instantly dial your number from their computer and have it ring their own telephone and yours), all at no additional cost.

We Also Incorporate Beautiful, Responsive Designs Along With All of That Functionality

A site needs to make a good impression, too, not just be technically solid. To do that, you need attractive themes, simple and easy to use page layouts, and a responsive website design that adapts depending on the type of device your visitor is using. A website optimized for viewing on mobile phones and tablets, not just computers, and one that fits on different sized screens is going to make a much better impression than one that is static and hard to view on different devices. Not only will this make the viewing experience easier for your visitors, and make your site look more sophisticated, it is also recommended by Google and will improve your search engine results.

WE/DO/SEO is the Best Combination of Value and Experience You Will Find

Want to be sure that your site is doing everything for your law firm that it should be? With WE/DO/SEO, you get the benefit of over 18 years of experience designing and developing marketing websites, eCommerce shops, and mobile and web applications. We have a talented team of graphic designers, front and back end web developers, content writers, and WordPress and SEO experts. Our content writers have actual experience in the legal field and understand not only how to write for SEO but how to explain the law and stay clear of words and phrases that may violate ethics rules. Your project will be completed, on average, in less than 30 days, regardless of if its a redesign of an existing site or a completely new project. And, once we are finished, the website and any custom theme is yours; no subscription fees like some other designers. We even offer same day turnaround on revisions or edits and will make as many modifications as necessary to complete the site to your satisfaction.

Best of all, WE/DO/SEO is one of the most aggressively priced and affordable web design and SEO firms you will find. Contact us today and find out what a great value our law firm website design services really are. Just use the contact form on the right, or call our toll free number – (888)-317-3688 — to set up a free initial consultation.