Emphasizing search engine optimization (SEO), We/Do/Seo’s websites are beautiful, functional, easy to use (both for visitors and site owners), and most importantly, loaded with tools to get your page on the top of search results and generating the business you want. We/Do/Seo approaches attorney website design differently for each client, depending on their size, competition, marketing goals, budget and design objectives.

Search Optimized Legal Web Sites

attorney-website-designThe first, and most import, characteristic of a We/Do/Seo website is its strong emphasis on SEO. Almost anyone can build a pretty website, but you need to reach your audience in an ever growing and increasingly competitive marketplace. Indeed, some practice areas, like personal injury, criminal, and bankruptcy, are so saturated with competition that achieving a high ranking on search engine results may seem like an impossible dream. It is not!

We/Do/Seo specializes in SEO, which means that all elements of your website will comply with SEO best practices. This includes:

  • Optimized site load speeds
  • Ideal heading styles on ever page to ensure maximum search engine visibility
  • Using “breadcrumbs” to improve ease of navigation and higher SEO rankings
  • Creating proper menus and other navigation tools
  • Implementing XML sitemaps and creating RSS feeds
  • Creating social media tools, like sharing buttons
  • Ensuring integration with Google Authorship protocols

These techniques will equate to higher rankings on search engine results, which means more clicks, more page views, and more business.

Legal Websites Built With WordPress

wordpress-legal-websitesSome web design firms create custom web designs that, while pretty, are cumbersome and difficult to maintain. You have a practice to run, and you do not want to spend all of your time working on your website. That is why We/Do/Seo uses WordPress to build its sites. WordPress is a content management system designed from the ground up with the ordinary user in mind. It is menu driven, intuitive, stable, and powers over 70 million websites on the Internet today. Whether you want to manage your site yourself or have us do it for you, with WordPress you can quickly draft new pages, insert images and media,  and write blog posts with a  minimal learning curve, and still have time to do the most important part of your job: actually practicing law!

Of course, any good business person knows you need more than just warm feelings to rate the success of any marketing campaign. You need a way to track results objectively. Every site We/Do/Seo builds integrates Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, which allow you to track search traffic, conversion rates, and links in and out of your site. We can even install components to track phone calls originating from the website and live chat so you can have someone engaging viewers to your site from the first moment they arrive. Best of all, these analytical tools and other features come at no additional charge.

Responsive Design Compatible With Any Mobile Device

Responsive web design for lawyers
A responsive web design adjusts based on the resolution of the device it’s being served on.

A site needs to make a good impression, too, not just be technically solid. To do that, you need attractive themes, simple and easy to use page layouts, and a responsive website design that adapts depending on the type of device your visitor is using. A website optimized for viewing on mobile phones and tablets, not just computers, and one that fits on different sized screens is going to make a much better impression than one that is static and hard to view on different devices. Not only will this make the viewing experience easier for your visitors, and make your site look more sophisticated, it is also recommended by Google and will improve your search engine results.

Having a solid website is a virtual necessity in our modern, connected world. If you want to compete, or even let people know you are still in business, you need a solid, highly optimized and well designed website, and you need it now. We/Do/Seo has over 18 years of experience designing and developing websites and mobile applications, with a stable of content writers, WordPress experts, graphic designers, web developers, and SEO professionals that we employ for every project. That means your project will be done (and done right!), on average, in 30 days or less!

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