Unfortunately, attorneys are faced with one of the most competitive search environments among working professionals. Law firms in the United States pour millions of dollars into improving their search engine visibility every year. Trying to overcome this competition is a huge challenge and is not easily overcome. Therefore, it is essential to hire a company that has the experience necessary to face the task of improving attorney SEO.

we_do_attorney_seoNo matter what type of law you practice, having a strong presence in search engine result pages will help bring in new clients. If your business is not listed among the top ten results in Google, your chances of finding a new client from search traffic are very slim. The top ten results in Google account for a whopping 94% of all clicks generated. People trust the ability of search engines to provide relevant results, thus rarely choosing to navigate to the second page of results. The bottom line… If you’re not on the first page of Google search results, you’ve got some work to do.

How do we do it?

Based in New York City, wedoseoforlawyers.com has developed a proprietary SEO process designed specifically for attorneys. Our process has been polished over the course of many years and is continually updated to align with the latest search engine trends. We have the resources and the experience required to achieve success in this congested and competitive niche of search engine optimization. Using proven methods that have been tested in countless geographic areas, we are confident we will make your law firm a high ranking search result.

We understand that no two businesses are exactly alike. Our engineers take the time to analyze your local market and make recommendations on the most profitable keywords to target. From there, we use a proprietary method of optimization that will boost your organic search rankings to the first page of Google results within 4 months or less. At the end of the day, it is our job to bring you qualified leads. We hope to get your phone ringing with new clients ready to sign with your law firm.

It is also critical that SEO is conducted in a way complies with the ethical guidelines outlined by major search engines. We will never take shortcuts when building an online presence for your website. Not only are these shortcut or black hat methods ineffective, but they could leave your website permanently banned for the entire search index. Once your website has been banned, it is nearly impossible to recover its old search rankings. Choosing a company committed to upholding a strict ethical standard will eliminate the risk of experiencing this type of disaster.

Unless you provide explicit permission, we keep your SEO efforts completely private from prying eyes. Any action we take on your behalf will be confidential and will not be advertised under any circumstances. Your marketing goals are implemented behind closed doors, so your competitors will have no idea how to copy your success.

Call Us to Start a Risk Free SEO Plan

No upfront fees. No hidden costs. You only pay when we perform. If your website fails to break into the top 10 search results, you will not be charged a penny. This is a guarantee you will not find from many of our competitors. Our experience delivering rapid and timeless Attorney SEO results allows us to make this bold promise. Call (888) 317-3688 and speak with a legal SEO expert today.