Search Engine Optimization

Are you looking to outrank competitors for particular search terms on Google? Do you want to increase the amount of business your website generates? We can help.


Social Media Optimization

Social Media is a key component of successful internet marketing. Do you need help leveraging social media to promote your practice and boost credibility? We can help.


Pay Per Click

Are you looking for instant visibility on search engines? Do you need help configuring and managing an effective pay per click campaign? We can help.

Dominate Search Results

legal-seo-for-lawyersAnyone who has ever tried their hand at online marketing knows there is an art to optimizing a website for search engines. That person also knows that it is increasingly difficult to cause a page to rank highly in the major search engines without knowing exactly what you are doing. We/Do/Seo takes all of the guesswork out of the process for you. We have years of experience navigating the tricky and ever-changing waters of search engine optimization. We know all of the best practices for getting your site onto the top of search engine results and keeping it there. And, all of our techniques are considered “white hat,” so you will never have to worry about your site suddenly disappearing from search engine results. Sure, you can spend thousands on paid advertising, but wouldn’t you rather have your page always appear on the first page of results without having to pay for that benefit month after month? And, unlike paid ads that will eventually disappear when your budget is depleted, so-called “organic” search results actually improve in rank the more often people click on it. In other words, ranking high organically is a much better investment than buying a temporary (and expensive) spot at the top.

Optimized Websites Attract More Business

responsive-web-design-for-lawyersA website has become the main focal point for almost every company’s advertising campaign, regardless of industry, and the law is no exception. Lawyers need a well-designed, well-polished website that not only looks good, but functions as it should, offers relevant content to visitors, engages the reader, and makes them want to hire you. We/Do/Seo knows how to make sites that not only rank highly, but achieve the goal of generating more business for our clients. Whether improving an existing website or building one from scratch, we specialize in making your site look and function as it should while obtaining the highest levels of search engine optimization. Our web sites are built using WordPress, one of the most well-designed and robust content management systems in use today. Not only does this make setup and launch much faster and cost-effective, it makes maintenance by either We/Do/Seo or you, the client, much easier. Want to start a legal blog? Offer instant chat functionality to site visitors? Embed video clips or links from YouTube? You can do all of this and much more with a site built by We/Do/Seo and WordPress.

Improve Your Online Reputation

legal-social-media-optimizationWord-of-mouth has always been one of the best ways to generate business. But, in the modern age, word-of-mouth referrals often occur over social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. So, it is important for your brand to be properly positioned in these social media channels in order to take advantage of this exciting new form of marketing. We/Do/Seo’s social media optimization services will do just that, integrating your website into your social media sites, generating regular updates, increasing followers, and getting the buzz started about your services.

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8 Reasons Attorneys Choose Us

1st Page Rankings

We consistently achieve first page rankings in search engine results for the keywords our clients want to target. Despite algorithm changes tried and true white had methods continue to deliver results for our legal seo clientele.

Lawyers Only

We only work with legal clients. As a result, we understand the ethical issues and other challenges lawyers and law firms face when advertising online. We ensure compliance with all bar advertising rules in your jurisdiction.

Prompt Turnaround

We design, develop, and deliver a full featured, custom website (complete with content and search engine optimization) around your timetable, not ours. No reason to wait for months when you could have your site generating business for you in days.

Fanatical Support

Have a question? You can speak with an expert who understands and actually enjoys helping you solve your technical problems without a nickel and dime routine whenever you need something fixed.

Trusted Technologies

The websites we develop feature some of the most reliable and trusted web technologies available including WordPress, Google Analytics, HTML5, Gravity Forms, Yoast, and many others.

No Long Term Contracts

You probably wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, so why do other companies make you sign a long term contract before you get to try out a service? We don’t require long term commitments, and our terms are fair and straightforward.

Discreet and Exclusive

We keep the names of the clients we work with intentionally private so you can maintain us as your best kept secret against competitors. We don’t take clients in similar practice areas and geographic areas as long as you are our client.

Years of Experience

We don’t like to boast, but our team has been dedicated to search engine optimization and designing websites since the mid 90’s. Not only are we great at what we do but we enjoy doing it.